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New mobile 'App' for SeaTec clients

SeaTec launches new mobile ‘app’

New mobile 'App' for SeaTec clients

SeaTec is pleased to announce the launch of its new mobile application which allows the users to get immediate information about their fuel and used oil analysis in the palm of their hands.

This mobile application is a part of SeaTec’s commitment to continue being pioneers in this field by continually enhancing our products and services and client data access. The application is designed to meet the real-world requirements of the fuel and oil analysis end-users.

The ‘app’ allows users to receive instant alerts on any abnormalities detected in the fuel or oil sample and to take immediate action on the same. These notifications can be tailor-made to suit end user requirements.

The app features:
• Up-to-date status of the samples received
• Alerts on critical results
• All reports(Lube oil, Fuel oil, OWS) can be accessed on your mobile
• Details on the orders placed
• Tracking bottles remaining on board
• General guidance notes
• Provision for feedback and enquires.

Future developments will include data mining features allowing end users to statistically compare the performance of items of equipment against the other similar items of equipment. Significant information can be extracted with respect to the oil and the equipment in use by making use of these features.

This application is now available on Android, iPhone, iPad and windows. This app is free for V.Ships and easy to download -

Android user:

IOS users:

Windows users:

Current users can use the same login and password to log into the mobile app. Should you have any questions please feel free to contact any of our team member on: 

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