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V.Ships joins the Maritime Anti-Corruption Network

V.Ships joins the Maritime Anti-Corruption Network

V.Ships joins the Maritime Anti-Corruption Network

V.Ships, V.Group’s ship management company, has joined the Maritime Anti-Corruption Network (MACN), enhancing its commitment to fighting corruption and bribery in the maritime industry.

The Maritime Anti-Corruption Network is a global organisation with 57 members and associates, working together to develop sustainable solutions. Members of the network commit to align activities to seven principles, which are seen to be critical in stamping out corruption.

With access to the latest best practice and insights from other members, the network fosters and environment of collective sharing and learning. An important resource available to members is an anonymous incident reporting system. Data from members, with strict guidelines on what can or can’t be reported, is fed into the system and then analysed to determine potential areas and themes for discussion and collective action. A monthly report is produced, which will enable us to engage with our crews as well as adapting policies and procedures with the latest intelligence.

“Membership of MACN provides us with an increased level of information and support to fight corruption, enhancing our existing anti-corruption activities. By working together as an industry and with the regular intelligence, we will be in a strong position to set our anti-corruption agenda while being able to respond to rapidly changing circumstances,” said Mike Bradshaw, V.Ships Compliance Director.

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Mike Bradshaw

Compliance Director


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