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MARCAS Commodities

Procurement & Global Contracts

An Independent Contracting Association

MARCAS (Marine contracting association) is an association of several shipping companies which brings together a combined purchasing volume for over 1700 vessels. Through this volume we are able to negotiate global contracts with our suppliers based on best prices and service quality.  We are continually benchmarking our prices to ensure that our members obtain best value for money.

An independent contracting association with 26 members that have aggregate volume agreements with over 140 suppliers, providing best global rates for members
MARCAS is operated entirely by an experienced  and independent contracting team. MARCAS’ number one goal is “best market price” for its members whilst maintaining long term, sustainable relationships with suppliers. MARCAS retains a high profile presence in the marine market through market knowledge, maintenance of supplier/end user relationships and high volume “contracting power”. 

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